Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

An unusual thought came to me……. what if I stopped participating in the weekly photo challenges? Will the recent friends that I have made in this world of blogging still visit my blog? Will the traffic that I have enjoyed since last few months continue to grow? Will whatever I write make it eligible ever for the “freshly pressed post”? Do people really enjoy reading what I write?

This train of thought sent its feelers into my other relationships too… My relation with fellow bloggers may take a downward slide off and on, but what about the people whom I have known all this time? Will my younger sister ever again need some advice and help from me? Will my husband always stand by me? Will my parents agree with my decisions? Will my daughter understand my concerns? Will my friends forgive my occasional annoyance? WILL I EVER KNOW WHETHER THEY REALLY NEED ME? IS MY PRESENCE OF ANY VALUE? DO MY OPINIONS COUNT? 

Will I be able to make a mark in my lifetime or will I be a faceless entity on mother earth like these :

It is unusual to sit like this with our eyes not knowing where the path leads and such people lose their identity…. lost on others, their absence not affecting people around them… No!! what would that life be? I do not want it  like that.

Amid all this depressing state of mind, a sudden query from my daughter :

“Mamma, why does God create difficulties for us? Doesn’t HE love us?”

And my reply brought some sense back to my disturbed mind. I told her that God always loves us but just keeps testing us about how we handle ourselves in different situations, whether we are prepared for much more difficult problems. Its our responsibility to emerge successfully from trying times all the while keeping faith in HIM that he will not let us falter. HE will find some way to make our existence useful. We will flourish and enjoy attention from our dear ones just like this unusual palm tree:

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

  1. Hi Shoma, I think it is natural that every so often we question ourselves, it is part of life. Besides, as long as you matter to yourself everyone around you gravitates and stays around for a while. I for one, am glad we had a chance to meet through the blogosphere.


  2. Hi,
    I’m Piglet aka PiP of Carole 🙂 I answer to most names except oink 🙂 I woke up this morning looked at my comments and saw you had linked back to me all the way from India. I am so excited as I love reading about life in other countries. I have subscribed to your blog and hope you will subscribe to mine 🙂

    I loved your unusual picture. Pictures I feel are a great way of sharing different aspect of life and attributing a lesson to them.

    “It is unusual to sit like this with our eyes not knowing where the path leads and such people lose their identity…. lost on others, their absence not affecting people around them… ”
    I can relate to this and your words resonate within 🙂

    I look forward to reading more


  3. I have one of those calendars on my desk which has dates and quotes, no year. today’s quote is
    “You can never lose God’s unconditional love; and because of His unfailing love, you will never be lost”
    Apt na!


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