Of late I have become a sound sleeper(not that earlier I was a sleeper making sounds!!). May be I am so tired that the dreams do not dare to disturb me now.  But till about a year back I used to have an adventurous sleep with a medley of dreams almost all nights.

It is said that the dreams are the events which the  subconscious mind records and displays in form of dreams but I have no idea why this particular dream of mine recurred every time. I could find no connection of the dream and the events of the day… In fact if somebody can interpret dreams, I would like to know the  meaning…

The dream always had a small ant sized me pushing a boulder upwards on a slope. There always was dark all around and as the ant reached on top, lot of big boulders appeared from nowhere from all sides almost crushing it…. and then I would wake up. That’s it and this dream always used to be the same!!

I have had a happy childhood, a doting sibling, a pet, friends, good grades in school, enough play time in the evenings, a happy marriage, an adorable daughter and generally life has been good to me. What could have triggered such odd dream is beyond my comprehension….

Now with the topic idea by DailyPost I could actually put this in words but the dream still doesn’t make sense to me. Any clue anybody?!!?

Ha, maybe the desire to be a super-efficient, know-all, do-all woman conjures up dreams in my brain ‘coz I am definitely no hulk to lift any boulder!!

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