When the news channels started airing about the passing away of Shammi Kapoor and showed snippets of his movies and songs, my daughter wanted to know who that person was. For her to understand I had to give her the connection of Kareena and Ranbir Kapoor. She marvelled to know that Shammi Kapoor was the brother of the grandfather of the two recent Kapoors(what a twisted way to explain, though). She formed the link anyhow and wondered that how all of the same family could be in the films.

But all those of us who have grown up with DD’s  “Chitrahaar” on the idiot box have thankfully been exposed to some real beautiful songs of the original First Family of film industry and the most handsome guy screaming “Yahoo” at the top of his voice. Also I remember that though my childhood was the Amitabh Bachchan era but instead I watched movies of Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor and of course Shammi Kapoor.

Shammi Kapoor must have been a heart-throb in those days with his blue eyes and the lingering voice. The dance steps of Shammi Kapoor were imitated from Elvis Presley with his own twist. Though I have not ever seen Elvis Presely’s dance nor any video but I kind of liked Shammi Kapoor’s dance…. electrifying literally(Aaja, aaja mein hoon pyaar tera…..)!! And the song……beautiful just beautiful and being sung by Mohammed Rafi, they were just marvellous…. all mushy!

As far as music goes, it is aptly said that it was the golden era of film music. Even today the songs are remixed and though that does destroy the original melody but it sure goes on to show that the songs of recent times can not be put in the same league. The music, lyrics, singers music directors…. all of that era are way much there….on TOP! Even in the music reality shows the judges still appreciate renditions of old songs.

Now with stalwarts like Raj and Shammi dead the film industry has lost some very good actors. It also lays bare the fact that even though the film stars have this larger than life persona and people treat them no less than gods yet they are mere mortals. Their contemporaries are quite old too and one day they would depart for the heavenly abode too but it is very difficult to imagine to lose Lata, Aasha, Amitabh, Javed Akhtar and so many more… Nobody would ever be able to fill in their shoes.

Wonder whether our grandchildren would get to hear such  melodious songs and such clean family movies ever….?

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