Peace on earth..

A ticking, another and yet another,
A bomb!!!!
Its today’s greatest bother,
It is always so terrorizing,
and the loss very agonising.
Who will share the blame…
For the cinders caused by flames?
For the dreams shattered?
For a crime none ordered?
Is so short the hatred’s filament
That brings deaths to innocent?
Why this demand for,
different regions?
Why these collisions?
Why are youth frustrated?
Into terrorism why they treaded?
Why they seek the bomb
Changing the city to a tomb?
What lust, thought or power
is reason for this slaughter?
If only the humans learnt to really LOVE…
There would be peace on earth!!!

2 thoughts on “Peace on earth..

  1. your words fill me with questions of why and make me sad because I wish I knew why, I wish I could do something. I am very lucky as I live in a peaceful country, Canada. I can only watch in horror and sadness as I hear of bombings in far away places.


    • Thank you for reading my blog. Yes its sad that from time to time the fanatics explode bombs in public places killing so many innocents. thank god at least some parts of world are still calm and peac


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