All things yellow…

 The golden-yellow morning sunlight slowly crept up the sleeping button roses waking up every bee and butterfly from the previous eve’s inactivity. For me, however it called for a hot cuppa, which I promptly made for myself and sat sipping lazily on the hammock like woven seat in my favorite yellow mug. Curled up thus, in an absolutely blank mind, I was surprised when out of nowhere a thought cropped up: that of the presence and importance of colour YELLOW in human life.

And, come to think of it, I can actually recall more of yellow coloured things than any other colour.

Let’s see…

To begin with, our day begins with that bright warm orb of sun. Then those who believe in God mostly light a lamp or a candle which again has a blessed yellow glow. Most of the fruits turn yellow on ripening, the honey is golden-yellow and the bees are yellow too! The Indian homes mostly have the yellow turmeric which has much importance because of its antiseptic and skin toning qualities and also it is one of the ingredients of food preparation. Jaggery again is a muddy yellow( sometimes brownish too), the egg has yellow yolk too. The leaves wilt and turn yellow and yellow flowers are more common( at least I have come across more of yellow ones ).

And, if you ask a woman about the colour yellow, the most likely answer would be her gold jewellery which brings a golden-yellow glow on her face!

According to colour psychology, the colour yellow can have both positive and negative effects depending on its shade. The positivity of yellow is friendliness, optimism, creativity but the negative emotions it may arouse are fear, anxiety and depression. As per the physics of optics, yellow is the most visible colour because of more reflecting qualities and hence we notice yellow things more. Though Yellow  irritates the eyes most yet it is the most cheery colour of the light spectrum.

Since yellow attracts more attention hence the taxis use yellow number plates, I guess, to attract more customers.

So, people, if you want to use yellow, use sparingly and preferably the lighter shades. We surely do not want to be depressed or irritated Cheery is better!

And, while I was busy writing last few lines of this post, my daughter quickly changed into a yellow t-shirt so that I could include her picture too along with the others that I took. I saw all these flowers at a resort in Nathuwakhan, further up in hills beyond Nainital. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to find all yellow things for the post .

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