Who am I…?

Who am I?

No, not

A perfect daughter,

or a perfect sister,

neither a perfect wife,

nor a perfect mother.

And I am not,

a perfect friend either!!

But, I know every time

That my father,

knocks on my door,

an extension of his

….that I am.

That my mother,

hugs and smiles,

apple of her eye

….that I am.

That my sister,

is annoyed,

her closest ally

….that I am.

That my husband,

pours his heart out,

an easy companion

….that I am.

That my daughter,

runs into my arms,

her immense faith

….that I am.

That a friend,

calls me up,

a patient listener

….that I am.

I am all of that,

yet the heart asks …

Who am I?

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