Book Review: I Made A Booboo

Book: I Made A Booboo Genre: Non-fiction/Parenting Author: Shivangi Sharma Publication: Rupa Publications When I opted to write review of three books by Rupa Publications, I wasn’t expecting a big bundle delivered at the doorstep with all three books at once. Now it was a matter of choice for me to read any one of them. […]

Book Review: Forbidden Desires

Book: Forbidden Desires Publisher: Rupa Publications Genre: Fiction Author: Madhuri Banerjee The educated Indian women are slowly but surely beginning to reclaim their voices which were being repressed since many centuries now. They are now being vocal about their likes, dislikes, emotions, desires. They are no longer crying behind closed doors and silently bearing the ill […]

Book Review: Menaka’s Choice

Book: Menaka’s Choice Author: Kavita Kane Publishers: Rupa Publications Among the two other books ‘Karna’s Wife’ and ‘Sita’s Sister’ by Kavita Kane, I have read only ‘Sita’s Sister’ a story of Ramayan from the viewpoint of Urmila, Lakshman’s wife and Sita’s Sister. Ramayan being the story of Ram and Sita, Urmila has only little role […]

Do men really want to treat women as equal……?

These days there is so much hullabaloo about treating women as equals or special…. I did not honestly want to join in this conversation… Why? Because, it is such a farce…. Do men who consider themselves the rule makers and messiah of the society really want to treat women at par?  Since ages, men have enjoyed […]

7 Things That Define Freedom For Women This Independence Day….

This article has been published at HuffingtonPost India titled “An Independence Day for Women” I am one of those fortunate few who was born to loving and educated parents who did not find it a burden to raise two daughters when everybody around them was hoping they would plan another pregnancy to beget a male child; […]