Book Review: Shakuntala, The Woman Wronged

Book: Shakuntala Genre: Fiction/Mythology Publisher: Rupa Publication Author: Utkarsh Patel I have been reading a lot of fiction based on mythological stories  these  days. A few days ago I finished reading about love of the most beautiful celestial nymph Menaka and sage Vishwamitra. Their love came to fruition with the birth of a beautiful daughter Shakuntala. And […]


Washington DC to Detroit by Amtrak

Having spent ten days in America eating all those refined flour breads, muffins, cakes, pizzas, pretzels, cinnamon roll, burgers…. we desperately wanted to eat home-made Indian food of Dal(lentil soup), whole wheat flour chapatis(soft Indian flat bread) and vegetables so we took a break and headed straight to my cousins home at Troy, Michigan. We made sure […]

Book Review: The Aravan Head

Book: The Aravan Head Author: Arvind Narasimha Genre: Fiction Publications: Inspire India Publishers Amidst house shifting, setting up a home and travel I have lagged behind in reviewing some wonderful books that came my way. Honestly, when the book The Aravan Head arrived, I had not heard of the character ‘Aravan’ from mythology though I […]