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I write for various national publications and international publication. A few places where my stories have been published (Read Here):

International Publications:

BBC Future, MIT Technology Review, Whetstone Magazine, Shondaland, Matador Network, House Beautiful, Hunker, Rewilding Magazine, The Good Trade

Indian Publications:

  • Newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, Mint Lounge, Tribune, Sakal Times, Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, Financial Express
  • Magazines like Lonely Planet, Architectural Digest, Discover India, Provoke, India Outbound, Airports India, Discover India’s North East, Dialogue, In-flight magazines like Travel 360, True Jetter
  • Websites like Round Glass Sustain, Times Internet, Women’s Web, Goya Journal, Asiaville News, First Post, The Quint, Daily O, Huffington Post India and Open Road Review.

My story on ‘Behrupiyas’ in The Quint was awarded a special mention jury award by Red Ink Awards of Mumbai Press. My story on Google Plus Codes for MIT Technology Review Magazine was acknowledged by American Society Of Journalists and Authors.


My travel blog Astonishing India that began as a journal of my personal travels within India, has grown to chronicle both international and domestic destinations. I have collaborated with various tourism boards, resorts and hotels to promote tourism, wildlife, food and hospitality.

I am open to meet new people and experience new cultures and write about my experiences so that more travel enthusiasts find these places to enjoy.

Send me an email for any upcoming FAMs for destination promotion or resort reviews.


I have been a reader since I was a kid. From ‘Magnus Think A Lot and Martha Do A Lot’ to Russian Books that I was introduced to as a 8 year old to all the thrillers of my father’s collection as a teenager, I devoured all of those.

My choices varied. And I enjoy reading a love story as much as I enjoy a murder mystery, the historical fiction and non-fiction, mythology to science.

I however am biased to paperbacks. If you need a book review, do send me a review copy.

Send me an Email to discuss this further.


I write Hindi and English poetry when the inspiration strikes. Would love to publish some in other places besides my blog.

Do read and comment. Would love an opinion.

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    • Hi Aparna,
      I am glad that you thought of me to review your book. I do not read ebooks and Kindle much. I prefer paperbacks… physical copy in my hand. Please get in touch with me on DM/FB messenger or on mail. Thank you


  1. Greetings,

    I would love it if you take out time to review my book, “A Fuse in Time- The Vision Of Future.” It is an engaging science fiction that has an interesting premise about the Vision of future and is available on amazon at bit.ly/amazonfuse. Here are the details regarding the same.

    AD 1733:

    In his book Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John, Sir Isaac Newton mentions that a new beginning accompanied by war and catastrophes will occur after 2060. Will his predictions about the Second Coming of Christ come true?

    25 June 2150:

    Swargastha, better known in the present day as the Kepler 186f, houses the key to restoring Earth to its former splendour. Maye, the ruler of Earth, is not going to let the shadows from Swargastha destroy his plans. Will Vishnu be able to reincarnate for the tenth and last time?

    Drake and Chakshu, the sibling descendants of Lord Vishnu, are caught in a love pentagon that threatens to ruin each of them. But Rishabh is a master manipulator who will stop at nothing to make the pentagon work in his favour for his sister, Lucy.

    Mary has faced betrayal too many times. Will she forget the past for the greater good?

    In this tale of love, deception, frustration and treason, can they battle their own demons and usher in an era of unique change to uplift mankind?

    Please click on this link bit.ly/novelfuse and open it in Google drive and request for access for your free copy of the book. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this thriller romance, as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would genuinely love it if you post your views on it in your platform after reading it.

    Ananya Shetty
    Department of Physics,
    IIT Madras
    Author of A Fuse In Time:The Vision Of Future


  2. Hi Shoma,
    I came across your blog and found many common interests. I was also a participant of AtoZ challenge this year, jumped in 5 days late, but have come out with a finished book of short stories at the end of it. Like you I have also made and sold candles, baked and have done too many things which interest me. I have too many interests it seems. I have read your reviews and would request you to see if you would be willing to review my new ebook too. It will be a great honour. I am a working mom of a toddler (1.5 yrs old) and I blog at https://www.theaveragemom.in . If you would be willing to, I will send you a downloadable free copy of my ebook. If you have the time , please do write to me at pal_s03@yahoo.co.in I could not find your email id on site. Thanks a lot for reading . Take care


  3. Hi Shoma, I read some of your posts and you are writing very well. I am the Social Media Manager at mycity4kids, which has 8 milion visitors in a month. We would love to hear your story about women, parenting, children, etc. You can write in English or any other Indian language. To start writing please visit the below link
    If you face any issue, you can write to me at smita.pal@mycity4kids.com


  4. Hi, Shoma, thanks for visiting my LOVE NEVER FAILS post and the pingback link to your recent post. I have decided to ‘follow’ you in your ‘ramblings.’ I look forward to more of your work.. Keep writing…


  5. Dear Shoma, thank you for the pingback! Like you, I, too, am hoping to become a full-time freelance writer at some point, working toward my license diploma as one. I wish you continued happiness in, to use your own words, “airing” your “random ramblings”!


  6. Hi Shoma!

    Lovely about. I too stayed home and raised my children and loved every minute. Blogging wasn’t even on the radar then and I wonder now, how so many do it while raising young families, elderly parents, careers… Wow!

    Thank you for the pingback! I am off to explore your space. Please come back and say hello!



  7. Hi Shoma it is my pleasure to meet you, and many thanks for including my blog in your fabulous list. I love the sea and your picture just drew me in, the water looks so inviting; a perfect backdrop for a mother/daughter shot. I love it!!


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