Another year comes to an end and what a year it has been!

Turkey, Egypt, Norway, Iraq all burned with riots, terrorist strikes and bombings. Japan suffered a major tsunami. Earthquakes, volcanoes and storms took toll of thousands of people….. Celebrities Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs, the great Indian artist M.F. Hussain and two great Indian film actors, Dev Anand and Shammi Kapoor,  all passed away. Mastermind of terror Osama Bin Laden, was killed and the American troops finally left the Iraqi turf. Ooof…..

For me, by God’s grace, this year has been quite pleasant ( barring a skirmish with the MIL) over all.

The year began with the much awaited good news of our moving to other city…..a much better one if not anything to die for. This city of Agra because of its historical importance holds a special attraction and charm for me and I am making the most of this opportunity to revel in the beauty and grandeur of Mughal era buildings. I enjoy entertaining all my guests with a visit to these grand monuments and the associated stories.

Shifting to a new city however brings an immediate loneliness till new acquaintances become friends. And thankfully, I met a few women who are fun to talk to. Transition to a new house, new school and new house help all has been quite easy.

Speaking of friends, I made some new ones among the fellow bloggers…….people whom I have never met but who have been kind and encouraging with their comments and regular visits. I even got nominated for the Liebster award by them. The number of subscribers and the stats have motivated me extremely and I hope this spills over to the next year as well.

The best thing that happened this year has been successful and happy completion of 12 years of my marriage. With a lot of people around us opting out of married life to lead separate lives without giving a second thought to the emotions of their kids, I really feel blessed to have a partner who supports and loves me. Our marriage has its  own set of ups and downs but our love has survived the storms and these dozen years have flown by……

There has been one regret this year which will stay with me all my life…..I closed the chapter of my yearning of having one more child. It hurts when I think about it but that is that….the end! But the good thing is that I am blessed with an amazingly sweet and beautiful daughter who means a world to me and I sincerely hope to give her a happy childhood.

As this year paves way for 2012 I hope to live life to fullest this year too and love every moment it brings.

Wishing everybody a very Happy New 2012………

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